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Success by extensive experience in sector selection

The success of ORBITEX is based on its sector selection, combined with years of global experience and presence in the strategically important capital markets.

As global Financial Services Organization, ORBITEX identifies the trends that will redefine our world, then develops innovative solutions to capitalize n new opportunities.

Such solutions are realized by sector selection based on the proven ORBITEX methodology. Each portfolio manager on our investment committee follows a complex investment process to help investors reach financial success.

ORBITEX professionals comprise one of the most experienced investment teams in the industry. Our international investment capability is strategically concentrated in the major capital markets New York, London, Toronto, Zurich, Dubai, and Nassau — where we can discern the economic and business trends affecting the investment world. In these financial centers we have a presence long tradition.

This results in a long tradition of service to clients who require a relationship based on trust, personal attention, and performance.

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Performance of 128%

MONEY WEEK - 29.3.02:
In the past three years, the ORBITEX Balanced fund (in cash, bonds and equities) has returned 128% and the ORBITEX Euro
Income Fund has been the top performer since its launch in 2000.

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