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Our approach at ORBITEX is disciplined, well researched, and results in concentrated portfolios of securities. It consists of a top down approach for asset allocation in combination with a bottom up approach determining portfolio structure.

At ORBITEX, the first step in properly structuring a portfolio always includes a thorough top-down analysis. This macroeconomic approach provides us guidelines for the asset allocation process and the selection and weighting of asset classes in the portfolio. In addition, standards for the structuring of the selected asset classes are evaluated.

Our top-down analysis is a powerful tool to create portfolios anticipating and reflecting the future economic development.

To determine the portfolio structure by asset classes (cash, fixed income, equities, alternative investments) we then apply a rigid bottom-up approach.

The final step in the ORBITEX investment process consists of a highly sophisticated stock selection model — only a few stocks may meet our extremely demanding requirements.

Top down approach

Bottom up approach

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Performance of 128%

MONEY WEEK - 29.3.02:
In the past three years, the ORBITEX Balanced fund (in cash, bonds and equities) has returned 128% and the ORBITEX Euro
Income Fund has been the top performer since its launch in 2000.

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