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2010 - Launch of a new series of specialty investment opportunity funds such as ORBITEX Real Estate Opportunity Fund.

2004 - Launch of Alternative Strategies Index-Certificates in cooperation with Merrill Lynch.

2002 – ORBITEX is setting up a UK equities pooled fund after producing an astonishing 154% from its small balanced fund.

2000 - Acquisition of Clarke Lanzen Skalla Investment Firm Inc. with assets under management of more than USD 2.5 billion.

2000 - ORBITEX is topping Total Assets under Management and Administration of USD 17 billion.

1996 - ORBITEX Natural Resources Fund is honored by Micropal as Best Performer among Funds admitted in Germanys Natural Resources Sector.

1995 – ORBITEX opens the ORBITEX Financial Services Group, New York.

1986 - Founding of ORBITEX and launch of first worldwide sector funds setting footprint as pioneer.

Acquisitions and Mergers

19/08/2003 - Saratoga Partners Acquires Preferred Stock of Advanced Lighting Technologies.

13/1/2003 - ORBITEX Management, Inc., and Saratoga Capital Management I, LLC, Enter Into a Merger Agreement.

01/11/2001 - ORBITEX Announces Monument Telecommunications Fund Merges Into ORBITEX Info-Tech & Communications Fund.

15/12/2000 - Circle Trust Company, an ORBITEX Company Acquires the Assets of Cambria Trust Services from Chittenden Trust Company. ORBITEX Continues Building Its Trust Business.

1/1/2000 - ORBITEX acquires Clarke Lanzen Skalla Investment Firm Inc. one of the largest third party money managers in the United States with assets of more than USD 2.5 billion under management.

31/12/1999 - ORBITEX acquires Circle Trust Company, a provider of investment management, trust, custody and administrative services to a wide range of institutions, from Pimco Holdings, L.P.

20/9/1999 - ORBITEX Growth Fund acquires the Net Assets of American Diversified Global Value Fund.

18/5/1999 - ORBITEX acquires American Data Services, Inc. (ADS) one of the US premier mutual fund service providers. ADS, which has been in business since 1984, provides mutual fund administration, accounting and transfer agency, servicing more than USD 5 billion in assets.

12/7/1999 - ORBITEX Focus 30 Fund has acquired ASM Index 30 Fund.

Launches and Releases

4/5/2010 - As a response to US Real Estate crisis, ORBITEX launches ORBITEX Real Estate Opportunity Fund with the aim to exploit the most attractive investment opportunities resulting from the crisis.

4/7/2004 - In Cooperation with Merrill Lynch, ORBITEX launches Alternative Strategies Index-Certificates with the objective to provide absolute returns regardless of equity markets ups and downs.

18/07/2002 - ORBITEX Retirement Services Launches TPA 2002 Peak Program.

03/06/2002 - ORBITEX Financial Services Group Announces Formation of ORBITEX Alternative Strategies, Inc.; New Provider Offers Alternative Products to U.S. and Global Investors.

11/6/2002 - In Cooperation with Société Générale Paris, ORBITEX launches Protected Notes Series IV with ORBITEX Optima Fund Serie IV.

27/05/2002 – In Cooperation with Dresdner London, ORBITEX Announces launch of the Aspire Protected Note .

22/04/2002 - ORBITEX Financial Services Group Forms ORBITEX Retirement Services, Inc., To Provide Key Retirement Plan Services.

19/3/2002 - In Cooperation with Société Générale Paris, ORBITEX launches Protected Notes Series IV with ORBITEX Optima Fund Serie III.

21/01/2002 - ORBITEX Launches New 5 Year Protected Note. ORBITEX Principal Protected notes which offer investors a 100% principal capital guarantee over a 5 year period plus a 17.47 % back tested per annum return.

20/01/2002 - ORBITEX Launches "Wealth Management".

18/12/2001 - In Cooperation with Société Générale Paris, ORBITEX launches Protected Notes Series IV with ORBITEX Optima Fund Serie I.

01/11/2001 - ORBITEX Introduces New Medical Sciences and Emerging Technology Funds.

26/07/1999 - ORBITEX Health & Biotechnology Fund Launched.

03/99 - ORBITEX Launches UCITS Funds in Dublin.

20/8/1998 - ORBITEX announces its Family of Specialty Mutual Funds in Class B shares to give investors more flexibility in how they purchase the funds.

1990 - ORBITEX registers first Canadian funds in Western Germany.

1986 - ORBITEX launches first worldwide sector funds and sets footprint as pioneer.

Performance and Funding Information

22/01/2002 - Pooled Pension Fund Tops Performance Charts 127.76% return. ORBITEX Exempt balanced fund, returned 127.76 % over the last 3 years to 11th Dec 2001.

11/01/2002 - Euro Funds top the performance charts. The ORBITEX Euro Income and Euro Equity fund have both been ranked number one in their respective sectors in the latest Micropal survey (January 2002).

Administrative Notes

30/10/2002 - Circle Trust Company, Subsidiary of ORBITEX Financial Services Group, Promotes Two Senior Executives: Sam Whittle to Executive Vice President, Operations, and Raymond E. Connery to Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing.

01/08/2002 - Frederick E. Graboyes, CFA, Named President Of ORBITEX Funds Distributor, Inc.

20/07/1998 - ORBITEX Management Inc, announced that Richard E. Stierwalt has joined the firm as president and CEO and Director of ORBITEX Management Inc.

06/05/2002 - ORBITEX names three former executives as principals in Global Distribution Strategies, Inc.(GDS): J. Christopher Klutch, formerly president of ORBITEX Distribution Services, Inc., to be president. Richard Butt, former Chief Operating Officer (COO), to be Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Kevin Nolin, formerly managing director in charge of sales and relationship management, to be managing director.

06/05/2002 - ORBITEX Financial Services Group Forms Strategic Alliance With New Global Distribution Strategies, Inc.

25/03/2002 - Jeffrey A. Connors Named President of ORBITEX Financial Services Group, Inc.

28/01/2002 - Key Personnel to be visiting the ORBITEX Representative office in Moscow.

02/10/2001 - Michael J. Romanowski Joins ORBITEX Group of Funds. He is named as Portfolio Manager of the ORBITEX Info-Tech and Monument Digital Technology Funds.

25/06/2001 - ADS Distribution Services, Inc., an Affiliate of ORBITEX, Chosen to Distribute The Preferred Group of Mutual Funds.

10/01 - ORBITEX opens office in Moscow.

02/99 - ORBITEX opens office in Mexico.

12/98 - ORBITEX opens office in Dubai.

23/09/2002 - ORBITEX Retirement Services Announces New Third Party Administrator (TPA); Channel Is Open for Business.

20/07/1998 - ORBITEX Management Inc . has promoted James L. Nelson, previously president and CEO of ORBITEX Management Inc., to president and CEO of parent-company ORBITEX Inc.

03/98 - ORBITEX opens office in London.

09/96 – ORBITEX opens office in Frankfurt a/M.

08/95 - ORBITEX opens office in New York.

02/92 – ORBITEX opens office Berlin.

04/86 - ORBITEX opens office in Zurich.

03/86 - ORBITEX opens office in Nassau/Bahamas.

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Performance of 128%

MONEY WEEK - 29.3.02:
In the past three years, the ORBITEX Balanced fund (in cash, bonds and equities) has returned 128% and the ORBITEX Euro
Income Fund has been the top performer since its launch in 2000.

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